Tips of the Week

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Tip of the Week: We have an ATM? – 5/1/2014

The Law School has a Citibank ATM that can get you some cashola! It’s located in the basement, right next to the journal offices (where the smarties hang out).


Tip of the Week: Need a jump? — 4/24/2014

We’ve all been there. You haven’t driven in a while. You’re having trouble getting your motor running. You need a good jump to get yourself back on the road…

….I think we’re all on the same page that I’m alluding to your car’s battery, which has died.

Thankfully, our lovely university provides a solution. Simply call (773) 702-8181 and an officer will bring you a battery jump box to assist you with starting your vehicle.

See the Travel Safely site for information about other free safety services.


Tip of the Week: Advertising for summer sublets — 4/17/2014

“See the email below, I have a friend who is looking for a summer sublet BLAH BLAH BLAH.”

Receive any of these emails lately? Worse yet, have you had to SEND any of them? If so, we have got a solution, as always.

Introducing (well, technically just advertising) Marketplace, UChicago’s very own craigslist, which can be found at

The site offers an online, well, marketplace,  for everything from appliances to employment, but most pertinent to us, summer sublets.

Feel free to post or direct your friends at other law schools to peruse the site.

Btw, I lost my iPhone, has anyone seen it?


Tip of the Week: How to find free food — 4/10/2014

So many lunch talks. So much free food. But where is which talk and what food will they have? #uchicagoprobs

Thankfully, LSA has the solution: the LSA Calendar includes a schedule of all the lunch talks, complete with what type of food each will be provide and a description of the event.

And it gets EVEN BETTER. You add this Calendar to your phone so you can check it quickly and easily:

Step 1) Go to LSA Calendar

Step 2) Click “+ Google Calendar” in the bottom right-hand corner of the calendar.

Step 3) Never pay for lunch again.

NB: On your phone you can easily turn the calendar on and off so it doesn’t clutter your personal calendar.

Long live free food.