Student Organization Funding Opportunities

For information on becoming a registered student organization (RSO) with the University, and for information on additional funding sources, see below. This information is also available as a PDF via the below link. Check out for more information, tips, and tools to manage your organization.

Campus Funding Sources

There are a variety of funding sources available to student organizations for their programs and activities. In addition to those listed here, many departments and units have some funding available to co-sponsor programs that address their primary mission or area of study.

Funding sources available only to RSOs:

  • Community Service Fund
    The Community Service Fund (CSF) is a funding body that allocates part of the Student Activities Fee toward events that are focused on community service. All RSOs are eligible to apply for this funding. CSF supports activities designed to improve the quality of life of the Chicago community, as well as national and international communities.
    Timeline: 3rd and 7th Weeks, Quarterly
  • OMSA Allocations
    The OMSA Allocation Board (AB) is a student peer review board that allocates funding to student organizations that host programs that directly impact OMSA constituents, enhance the OMSA mission and add value to the University Community.
    Additional Requirements: Must attend regular meetings to be eligible.
    Timeline: Mondays, odd weeks
  • Urban Network Student Events Fund
    The Student Events Fund provides support to undergraduate and graduate student groups holding an event that relates to urban issues – broadly defined – including urban health, education, history, arts and culture, policy, and planning.
    Amount: Up to $500
    Timeline: Rolling

Funding sources available to non-RSOs:

  • Student Fine Arts Fund
    SFAF seeks student-initiated projects that would not typically receive support from another organization. Priority is given to original ideas for the creation of all sorts of visual and performing arts and might take the form of funding materials, artist master classes, or other ideas that support the “making” process.  The grant might be used to augment existing funding to extend an artist’s time on campus in the form of a master class or interactive discussion.
    Amount: Up to $1500
    Timeline: Quarterly
  • Graduate Council Event Funding
    One of the Graduate Council’s primary functions is to provide a source of funding for student organizations at the University of Chicago. Without strict limitations on who can apply for funding, the Graduate Council provides a source of money without divisional barriers, which supports a wide range of event types.
    Timeline: Rolling
  • Graduate Council Travel
    The Graduate Aid initiative of the Graduate Council was expanded this year in order to facilitate conference attendance and networking of graduate students on behalf of the University of Chicago. We aim to subsidize cost of transportation and conference registration fees for students who are specifically attending a conference to give a presentation on their novel primary research. Although we have a limited budget, we strive to ensure balanced representation from the graduate divisions of the University.
    Amount: Up to $500
    Timeline: Quarterly, submit one quarter prior to travel
  •  Uncommon Fund
    The Uncommon Fund is a pool of money allocated by Student Government towards innovative and impactful student projects and initiatives on campus.  These projects and initiatives range from one-day events to large-scale initiatives or projects. With the support of the Center for Leadership and Involvement, the fund is entirely student-run. The goal of the fund is to encourage students to take action on campus in innovative, impactful, and uncommon ways.
    Additional Requirements: One Minute Video Proposal in addition to written proposal
    Timeline: Annual, January
  • Campus Dialogue Fund
    The Campus Dialogue Fund provides annual funding to bring speakers that address issues relevant to the campus, such as social justice, oppression, human and civil rights.
    Timeline: Odd Weeks
  • Graduate Innovation Grant
    The Provost’s Office sponsors the Graduate Innovation Grant to facilitate student-generated programs and services that support UChicago graduate students. These grants are intended to provide seed money and administrative/logistical support for launching ideas that encourage graduate students’ academic progress, professional development, or personal growth.
    Amount: Up to $5,000
    Timeline: Annual, January
  • Student Organization Catering Fund
    The Student Organization Catering Fund, presented jointly by UChicago Dining and the Center for Leadership and Involvement, offers the opportunity for recognized student organizations  to request catering for special events.  This catering fund is a line of credit established with Aramark, UChicago Dining’s on-campus food service provider.
    Timeline: Weekly, two weeks prior to event