Mike Heckmann

  • LSA Role:  Representative
  • Year:  Class of 2016
  • Hometown:  Orlando, Florida
  • Current Neighborhood:  South Loop
  • Alma Mater:  University of Florida
  • A little more about me:  Some things I love: bacon, sci-fi novels, soup, beer, practical philosophy debate, impractical philosophy debate, and our law school student body.  Some things I’m not as into: the milder peppers, and diet coke (but coke zero is pretty great).
  • I joined LSA because:  I really like making things better.  Life is great at the law school already, and I’m excited to be a part of maintaining and improving things even further.  Plus if everyone is going to be able to find me by my laugh anyway, I figured I ought to give you all a reason to come and chat.