Jeff McIntosh

  • LSA Role:  Vice President
  • Year:  Class of 2015
  • Hometown:  Palatine, IL
  • Current Neighborhood:  Streeterville
  • Alma Mater:  Notre Dame
  • A little more about me:  After undergrad, I worked in investment banking and private equity as well as owned a small business…I did my first year of law school at Chicago-Kent…I am a northside Sox fan…Arachnophobia is the only movie that truly terrified me (this could so happen in real life) and Coke Zero and Cheez-its is the best finals snack combo money can buy.
  • I joined LSA because:  I truly want to help make the law school even better.  I believe I can contribute some new ideas based on my experience on the LSA-equivalent at Kent.  Finally, I would like to meet all of you, so say what up if you see me in the hall and aren’t intimidated by my stunning good looks.