Grace Goodblatt

  • LSA Role:  Representative
  • Year:  Class of 2016
  • Hometown:  San Diego, CA
  • Current Neighborhood:  Hyde Park
  • Alma Mater:  Berkeley
  • A little more about me:  After undergrad, I spent a year volunteering (in soup kitchens, schools, and a legal nonprofit) in Israel.  I then spent a year in San Diego, and I worked part of that year at a small law office.  I love inspirational quotes.  Dark chocolate is the best.  Also hazelnut ice cream.
  • I joined LSA because:  I wanted to be a representative of my fellow students.  I want to foster the strong community that attracted me to U Chicago.  I hope to help make 1L a little better (than it already is…) and to serve as an accessible liaison between the student body and the administration.