Minutes 2/13/2014


February 13, 2014, 12:30 p.m.

Room A

Present: Alex Kiles, Val Washington, Viviana Aldous, Rob Catmull, Kate Long, Justin Cohen, Stephen Richer, Grace Goodblatt, Marlow Svatek, Mike Heckmann, Tara Levens, Ken Thomas, Jeff McIntosh, Dan Schufreider, Yoshi Usui, Analuz Sanchez Mejorada Raab

Absent: Lauren Jaffe, Nick Deuschle, Ian Todd, Kara Harrington, Sri Pernankil






Changes to the student organization inclusion policy


  • Student organizations that keep a list of members in good standing can have occasional members-only events and can restrict voting to members. (But please note that under the current policy, LSA funds may only be used for events that are open to all students in the Law School.)
  • LSA is working on a plan for implementing and enforcing the new policy.


Moratorium on LSA funding


  • The moratorium on funding is still in effect as LSA is updating its budget-allocation process.
  • Any questions can be directed to President Alex Kiles at alexkiles@uchicago.edu.




  • Still working on that brewery tour, but we’re shooting for an evening early next quarter.
  • LSA purchased 60 tickets to the April 18 Cubs game. We will have sign-ups early next quarter and randomly select the students who win a free ticket to the game. More info to come.
  • LSA is planning to hold a faculty/student softball game in the spring quarter.
  • Prom details should be finalized soon. Check the minutes and website to stay updated.


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